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Office Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday thru Friday
Telephone Number: 509-659-3200
Fax Number: 509-659-3206
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The difficult task of placing an equitable valuation on all real property and taxable personal property is performed by the county assessor. Washington State is experiencing an erratic market. While some areas continue to grow, others show no growth or a decline in property values, making the assessor's job even more demanding.

The assessor's primary duty is determining the value of all real property and taxable personal property for the purpose of equitable distribution of tax liabilities to the taxpayers in the various districts. The amount of taxes to be paid (the amount of levy required), is determined by the various taxing districts such as the State of Washington, county and city legislative authorities, fire districts, school districts and other "junior" districts, as well as the voting public in its consideration of special levies. The value and levy required are used to calculate the amount due from each taxpayer according to their proportionate share of the total moneys necessary to provide the numerous governmental services.

Before 1983, state law required the assessor to reappraise real property at least every four years. Now, counties with adequate resources may expedite responses to market fluctuations by performing reappraisals on an annual basis with a physical inspection on a less frequent six-year basis.

Any taxpayer who disagrees with the value determined by the assessor has the right to appeal the value to the County Board of Equalization.

Source: Washington Association of County Officials

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