Personal Health Services

Adult Health Information and Services
We provide services for adults, which include blood pressure screenings, immunizations, and resources/information on other adult health issues.

Communicable Disease Information and Services
The health department provides educational information on various communicable diseases, such as Heptatitis and Pertussis (Whooping Cough) etc.  We also provide tracking and follow up on individuals potentially exposed to communicable diseases to prevent the further spread of illness.

Noifiable Conditions:
             Washington State Department of Health Notifiable Conditions


From the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):
Hantavirus fact sheet:
For information on cleaning up after rodents:
From WA State Department of Health:
For information on rodent control:

Community Health Data and Information Services
Activities include collecting, researching, and providing data and related information on health issues that affect the health and well-being of Adams County residents.  Statistics, presentations on county level data, and information on county resources are available upon request.

CSHCN- Chilren with Special Health Care Needs Services
Our agency provides services to children between the ages of birth to 18 who have special health care needs.

HIV/AIDS Information Services
Services are available for all ages, including education programs for the general public, required educational training such as bloodborne pathogens and occupational exposure evaluation.

Immunization Information Services
Services and activities include providing information on vaccine preventable diseases, distributing vaccine to area immunizations providers, and providing immunizations to infants, children, and adults.

Jail Health Services
Our agency provides health related services to individuals incarcerated at the Adams County jail.

Oral Health Services
We provide services that include dental health education and fluoride varnish application to children under the age of 18 that helps to protect teeth against decay.

Tuberculosis Services (TB)
We also provide clinical services, such as testing for exposure to TB, and follow-up services for individuals who have been exposed to the disease.

Vital Records
The health department provides certified birth certificates for persons born from 1954 to present within Washington State.  Birth Certificates from 1909 - present and death certificates from 1910 - present are on file.