Substance use disorder


                                                        Information & Referral
Information / referral services are provided for potential clients and their families to approved treatment programs or support services.  

Intergated Health care services works with concerned families & friends to educate, plan and implement the intervention process. This process is designed to motivate a substance use disorder person to seek treatment.  

                                                         Evaluation & Assessment
This provides a means to diagnose substance use disorder through testing and a verbal interview. The results are then given to the client with professional treatment recommendations. Intergated Health care services is also a state-certified DUI Assessment Center providing assessments for DUI offenders. This service meets Dept. of Licensing evaluation requirements.  


A full range of outpatient services are provided to primary clients and their families. Group and individual therapy aids in bringing about positive changes in attitudes and behaviors.  

                                                 Intensive Outpatient Program

Intergated Health care services offers intensive treatment for substance use disorder outpatient basis. The IOP process allows the client the opportunity to be treated  while continuing to maintain employment and be an active part of their family life. The Intensive Outpatient Program involves the client for 72 hours over an 8-week period.  

                                                       Education & Prevention

Intergated Health care services provides programs and services designed to educate, prevent or delay the misuse of alcohol and/or other drugs.
Call our office if you would like an educational program presented. Services are available in the school or community setting.