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Mission Statement

The Adams County Juvenile Court Services will ensure the safety of the coummunity and the well-being and saftey of the youths under Juvenile department care, we will hold juvenile offenders accountable to victims and communities, and assist youths in developing competency and character to aid them in becoming successful members of society.  All youths will become self-sufficient productive adults. 



Minor or first time offenders, excluding most felonies. A meeting is scheduled with parent(s) or Guardian(s) and juvenile offender with in two weeks of receiving report from law enforcement. The meeting is conducted by our juvenile diversion officer. A Diversion contract is signed during initial meeting in most cases. There is a wide range of sentencing (excluding detention) 0-12 months probation, 0-150 hours community service work (work crews), and restitution. Juveniles are held accountable during community supervision through weekly contact with staff. School, family, work site contact, curfew, drug testing, counseling, and classes are all requirements while on diversion. Violations or noncompliance result in filing the case through the prosecutor's office for formal court proceedings before a juvenile court judge. For questions please contact Diversion Coordinator/Probation Officer Angela Valdovinos  

Court Probation 

If a juvenile is ineligible for diversion due to the offense or criminal history, and is found guilty or pleads guilty to the offense, he/she is sentenced to community supervision by Judge Richard W. Miller. A minimum of 14 requirements is followed during months of probation. State standard sentencing ranges of 0-12 months, 0-150 hours of community service, 0-30 days of detention, and restitution are determined per offense. Probation begins the same day as court sentencing with a meeting with the probation officer. Work, curfew, school, drug-testing, counseling, classes, etc. are in place and the youth is held accountable with weekly visits. Family is informed about probation activity and direction. Prescreens and period Risk Assessments are performed periodically to determine the overall state of the juvenile. Youth are encouraged to leave the past and begin a new life of direction and purpose. For questions please contact Probation Manager TJ Hunt, Justin Tucker .

Institution Sentencing

If a juvenile offender has an offense and/or criminal history that necessitates a greater sentence then community supervision, a sentence committing the youth to an extended period at the state Juvenile Rehabilitation Association (JRA) is imposed. The juvenile is transported out of the area to serve their sentence of a minimum of 31 days and can be held until 21 years of age. JRA is a Washington State Institution. 

Community Service

Juveniles learn practical skills and personal responsibility while giving back to the community. Our department helps to keep our county clean and helps youth gain a sense of pride for where they live. The Community Service Department has work crews that take care of litter and graffiti clean up for the entire county. For questions please contact Community Service Coordinator/Probation Officer Lazaro Martinez


Under state law a juvenile cannot miss 4 days of school in a month or 10 days of school in a school year unexcused. When a juvenile fails to attend school without an excuse, they are considered truant. A truancy petition is then generated by the School District and forwarded to juvenile court. If a juvenile is found truant after the truancy petition has been completed they must appear before a juvenile court judge for disciplinary sentencing. For questions please contact School-Based Probation Officer Angela Valdovinos, TJ Hunt .


The tracker/transporter position is designed to help the Juvenile Department as a whole. This includes general transports to detention, school or home, community service support, school or home visits, drug testing, interpreting, and a variety of jobs around the office. For questions please contact Alex Ochoa


Adams County juveniles are sent to Martin Hall Regional Juvenile Detention Facility. The mission of the facility is to provide a safe and secure environment for juvenile offenders while promoting accountability, competency development and community safety. This is accomplished through role modeling, promoting education, ensuring due process and providing quality programs. For more information please visit


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