Real Property Appraiser, Tier I/II

Description :

The Adams County Assessor’s Office is accepting applications for the position of Real Property Appraiser, Tier I or Tier II (D.O.E.). This position is responsible for performing residential property appraisals and determining the value of residential property for tax assessment purposes, along with other related work. This position performs strong sales studies and develops accurate market sales data analysis that will be used in determining the final value of a property.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  High school diploma or GED, possession of a valid Washington State Driver’s License and knowledge of office related computer software. A Tier I appraiser must be able to fulfill supervised “on-the-job” training assignments and attend provided trainings in order to become accredited. Tier II applicants must also possess a valid Washington State Certified Appraisers Certificate.

Applicants must be able to effectively communicate in both verbal and written forms, have a high standard for accuracy and efficiency, as well as an understanding of the need for confidentiality and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.

DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS:  A strong working knowledge of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets – creation of spreadsheets with formulas and maintenance of spreadsheets already in use. Self-motivated to meet required deadlines while simultaneously completing other tasks. Prior experience in real estate, construction, or appraisal work is preferable. Bilingual abilities are desired, but not required.

(Tier I is considered a training position for Tier II, and is appropriate for a capable individual willing to pursue the required appraisal accreditation.)

The Tier I Appraiser position is classified at Range Ten (10) of the Adams County Union Salary Structure, with a beginning salary of $14.93 to $16.31 per hour; the Tier II Appraiser position is classified at Range Twelve (12) of the Adams County Union Salary Structure, with a beginning salary of $16.31 to $17.84, depending on qualifications, based on a 40 hour work week, plus a full county benefit package. The full annual compensation range is from $31,054 to $50,939, plus benefits.  

Applicants must submit an application and resume, along with a letter of interest.

How to apply

  • Print the application packet in Adobe Acrobat PDF format from the Adams County Website – Employment & Careers
  • Request an application packet by contacting the office at (509)659-3200. The application may be returned by US mail, fax or in person. The application form MUST BE COMPLETED. A resume in lieu of filling out the application is not acceptable.

Application Deadline

  • Open until filled.

Selection Process

  • This is a competitive selection process. Your responses on the application form and supplemental information will be reviewed and evaluated for the quality and quantity of education/experience in the areas listed. Applicants whose qualifications most closely correspond to the County’s needs will be eligible for further consideration.

Application Status Notification

All applicants will receive notice at the mailing address listed on the application indicating the status of the position. Allow 4-6 weeks after the closing date to receive the notice. County personnel will contact applicants who may be invited to participate further in the selection process. Short notice may be given to applicants to participate in further selection processes which may include written, oral, computer skills test, and final interviews.

Contact :

Deadline for Applying : Open until filled