Building Permit Guidlines

Prior to Permit Application

Please review prior to applying for a building permit:


  • Critical areas evaluation.  Submit site plan for review.  Site plan must show all existing structures on property.
  • Property zoning 
  • Setback requirements 
  • Is the property located in a floodway or floodplain?

Public Works / Engineering Department.

After your application is approved by Building and Planning, and you have paid the fees, you will receive a document that is your Permit to begin construction. Permit is valid for 180 days unless you request an extension. The owner or contractor must request inspections during the construction process, for example, footings, foundation walls, plumbing and mechanical work, framing, insulation, and wallboard will be examined by the Adams County Building Inspector (509-488-9441; 509-989-0973). Other inspections may be required if special constructions, such as a private road, are needed.

The owner or contractor is required to obtain a final inspection of completed work from the relevant agencies - including sewer and water connections and road approach work - before requesting the Building Inspector's Final Inspection. When the Building Inspector has completed the Final Inspection, obtain a signed copy of the final INSPECTION APPROVALS form or the CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY for your records.


Private driveways: A driveway shall serve no more than two residences. Any County driveway hereafter created longer than 150' in length shall have a width of no less than 20 feet and shall provide an approved fire apparatus turnaround meeting the requirements of the IFC Appendix D. County driveways less than 150' in length shall have a width of no less than 16 feet a turnaround is not required.

Manufactured/Mobile homes:
New Manufactured homes placement permits require the blocking and tiedown requirements from the manufacturer.  
For set-up of a used manufactured home, please use these Installation Guidelines.

Pre-June, 1976 manufactured homes have special requirements and may only be placed in a permitted Mobile Home Park. Contact Department of Labor & Industries (509-764-6900 in Moses Lake). Reroofs and Remodels to factory-assembled structures and manufactured homes also require Department of Labor & Industries approval.

Contractor Verification:
To find out if your contractor is licensed: Go on line to Verify a Contractor or call 1-800-647-0982.  For the Underground Utility locations on your site, call 1-800-424-5555.

 Private covenants:
The rules governing private covenants are the responsibility of the owner/builder.

How long does my application's review take?

What are the counties snow load , wind load, and frost depth

What type of work requires a building permit?

Where do I obtain a building permit?

Where do I obtain a manufactured housing permit?

Follow these steps to prepare and submit your Application for a Building Permit: