Building and Planning

Loren Wiltse, Planning Director
Andie Lorenz, Assistant Director/Building                                        Official / Fire Marshal

     Building and Planning
     425 E Main St., Ste 200
     Othello, WA 99344

     Public Hours:
     Monday through Friday 

     8:00 am to 4:30 PM
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     (509) 488-9441

2nd Thursday of Each Month
Zoning Changes
Planning Commission Workshop
@10 AM

4th Thursday of Each Month
Planning Commission Meeting
@10 AM

To schedule an inspection please use the Schedule An Inspection Tab located on the left.
Please note that inspections are available for scheduling 
Tuesday - Friday between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. 
All inspections are conducted the next business day unless otherwise noted. 

Application Process

Send all applications to 
425 E. Main St. Suite 200
Othello WA 99344
If you would like to email it please call 509-488-9441 for instructions.

 Please be aware that plan review fees are required to be
paid at time of application as of June 1st, 2019.

Items needed on plot plan

  • All existing and proposed buildings (size and location).
  • Driveways and patios, proposed or existing.
  • Water lines, location and purpose.
  • Property dimensions.
  • Adjacent roads, street names.
  • Ponds, irrigation canals, rivers, etc. within 100 feet of the property.
  • Proposed or existing sewage system location, including reserve system area.
  • All wells, irrigation or domestic on property.
  • All utility, access, or other easements located on the property.
  • Scale of drawing should be 1 in. = 20 feet, or other Planning Department approved engineer scale.

How long does plan review take?

  • Answer: Review times may vary based on project type and information submitted for review. A typical single family residences and additions/remodels take approximately a few weeks.  you may ask at Building Dept. for an estimated review time.

What inspections are required?

  • Answer: Footings, foundation wall, Under floor, plumbing, mechanical, framing, insulation, wall board and final. Other inspections may be required if needed, e.g.: Fire Access, private road/drive construction.

What items are required before a building permit application may be submitted?

  • Answer: Complete a building application form. (Tax parcel number can be obtained from tax statement or Assessor's office.)
  • One complete sets of construction plans for residential applications (unless it is a manufactured home). Commercial require Two sets unless other wise directed by the Building Department 
  • Completed plot plan drawn to a min 1:20 engineer scale.
  • Water Availability - Approval. The Adams County Health District's Environmental Health Department will help determine the specific requirements you must meet.
  • Contact the Health District at 509-659-3315 in Ritzville. (Water Availability not required for additions/remodels for single family residences.)
  • Septic/Sewer Approval: New residence: septic system permit or an Existing System Evaluation (ESE) from the Health District. Contact the Environmental Health Department at 509-659-3315. If city sewer is available, an availability letter from the city must be submitted.
  • Additions/remodels: ESE may be required for increase in floor space square footage.
  • Approved road approach permit from the Adams County Public Works Dept., (509-659-3288, in Ritzville. (For approach onto a state highway, contact Dept. of Transportation at (509) 575-2541.) Or, download the road approach permit form online.
  • All access roads or private driveways are to be graveled to within 150 feet of the residence to allow access for emergency vehicles. They are to have 20 ft. minimum width per the International Fire Code, 3 in. base course (of 2" minus pit run-minimum) with 2 in. top course (of 1.25" minus crushed). (Base course depth depends on existing soil type, check with the Adams County Fire Marshal for more information.)
    • Pre 1976 manufactured homes will require a certificate of inspection from the Dept. of Labor & Industries. Contact L&I at 509-764-6921 (Moses Lake) for further information.
    • Additions/remodels to factory assembled structures/manufactured homes require Dept. of Labor & Industries approval. Contact L&I at 509-764-6921 (Moses Lake) for further information.
    • Final septic system installation/approval (from the Health District) must be provided prior to occupancy inspection.
    • For set-up of a manufactured home please request the installation fact sheet from the Building Department.

Where to obtain a building permit?

  • Answer: Adams County Building & Planning Department, 425 E Main, Othello. Monday - Friday, 7:30AM - 12:00 and 1:00 - 4:30PM.

What type of work requires a building permit?

  • Answer: Generally all types of work including: new homes, repairs and additions, remodeling, reroofing, window replacement, wood/pellet stove installations, gas inserts, etc. If you have a question on whether or not you need a permit, please call the Adams County Building Dept. at (509) 488-9441