A contested hearing is a hearing you request if you do not believe you committed the infraction and want to explain your case to the judge.

The local court rules of Adams County District Court allow you to submit a written statement instead of appearing at a hearing in person. If you wish to submit an electronic written statement to be reviewed by a judge instead of appearing at the courthouse, please follow the instructions below.

If you are currently scheduled for an in person hearing and would like to switch to an electronic statment, this form must be received by the court at least three (5) business days before the hearing. You must also provide the court with a valid e-mail address so the court can advise you of the judge's decision. Please use the ticket you received to complete the form.

Please note: contested hearings by email or mail are not available if you intend to subpoena witnesses.

Hearing requests must be submited to the court wihtin fifteen (15) days from the date you receive the ticket.

Before submitting a request for a contested hearing, review all the options above for responding to your ticket, including the deferral information. Be advised, once an infraction has been contested, your ability to request a deferral is no longer available.

Electronic Request for Contested Hearing

To submit your request for an electronic contested hearing, please click the button below. Complete the form, then email it to

Request a Contested Hearing

Request a Contested Hearing by Mail

You may also request a contested hearing by mail. If you choose this option, then within fifteen (15) days from the date you received your ticket, you must check the “Contested Hearing” block on your copy of the ticket and mail it to the address shown below. You must clearly state that you wish your hearing to proceed via the court's contested hearing by mail option or an in person hearing will be set.

Mail your completed copy of the ticket to:

Adams County District Court - Othello
425 E. Main St., STE. 400
Othello, WA 99344