Ticket Guide

Citation tickets
Arraignment is generally your first appearance on a criminal citation or charge. You will be
advised of your constitutional rights; the charge(s) against you; and the maximum penalty.
If you qualify, a Public Defender may be appointed to represent you.
Your matter will be set for Pre-Trial.

Infraction tickets
If you receive an infraction, start by reading the bottom right portion of the ticket.
Note you must respond within fifteen (15) days of the date the ticket was issued.
You can respond by email, mailing, or in person at the Adams County District Court Ritzville office.
Select one of the boxes on the ticket, verify your mailing address, phone number and sign your ticket.

       Pay in Full- Mark this box if you are mailing in a check or money order directly to the court. 
       Mitigation Hearing- I agree I have committed the infraction, but I want a hearing to explain the circumstances. 
       Contested Hearing- I want to contest this infraction. I did not commit the infraction. 

If you request a hearing you will receive the corresponding hearing packet. In that packet you will be able to write your written statement and send it back to the court before your set court date. Once the court has received your waiver to personally appear and your written statement, your court date will be cancelled.
The written statement will be reviewed by the Judge for a decision. 

If you lost your infraction, you may request a hearing in writing on a separate sheet of paper making
sure to list your full name, mailing address, signature, and ticket number.

*Deferred Findings
- See deferred findings section of website.