Environmental Health Services

We provide information to the community on various environmental health issues.  Areas for which information is available include: Indoor air quality, waterborne and foodborne diseases, lead exposure, radon gas, and numerous other potential environmental hazards. Information on hazardous materials, such as lead, pesticides, and asbestos is available.

We are responsible for the oversight and compliance of the following programs to minimize public health hazards related to our environment:

  • Water Program; wells, small public water systems, pools and inspections
  • Solid Waste disposal and permitting of facilities
  • Liquid Waste; disposal system permitting and compliance
  • Food Worker Cards, Food Establishment inspection, permitting, and compliance
  • Vector program; rabies, insects and epidemiological investigations
  • Land Development; short & long plat requirements
  • Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

                                                                   Drinking-Water Services

Numerous small public water systems provide water to people living in Adams County. Along with DOH, we work with these smaller systems on proper well site locations, planning, and system installations. We also provide needed educational information and consultations to these water systems.

         Coliform Sampling Procedures               Coliform Sampling Procedures - Spanish   
         Well Disinfection Brochure
                      Well Disinfection Brochure - Spanish
        Water Availability Form
                                                                        Land Development

Land Development includes all subdivisions, short and long plats in the county.  Land development projects are evaluated to ensure septic treatment suitability and potable water availability.

            Short Plat Application                        Long Plat Application                 Plat Instructions  

                                                                  On-site Sewage Systems
Many sewage systems and septic tank installations are inspected each year.  We review sewage disposal and septic plans as well as educate installers and septic haulers.  We also investigate complaints about sewage leaks and provide information on new and existing septic systems.
On-site Sewage Application Form                   Site Registration