Mental Health

IHCS provides immediate care to individuals faced with an urgent need of a mental health nature.  Services include crisis counseling, telephone crisis service, and evaluation for psychiatric hospitalizations.        
    We provide 24-hour, seven days a week, immediate service throughout the county to those in crisis or faced with an emergency of a mental health nature.  Our primary goal is to protect the individual and community from harm which may result from a mental health crisis.  
    It is believed that through this service, the serious disruption of a person’s life caused by psychiatric hospitalization can frequently be avoided and that it is in the best interests of the client to receive treatment within their community.   
    For emergency/crisis services 24 hours a day, please call (509) 488-5611 and a counselor will be available to discuss your needs.  
    All services are provided under the direct supervision of fully qualified mental health professionals.       
Outpatient Therapy

A full range of outpatient services are offered to families, individuals, and groups, from children to senior citizens. Treatment is available in such areas as marriage and family problems, divorce, anxiety, depression, anger management, delayed stress, sexual abuse, loss, grief, etc.  

Children's Services
Integrated Health care services offers a range of services to meet the needs of children and their families. Services are provided in the office, school or home setting.  

Complete mental health outpatient services are available to senior persons whether they are in a facility such as a nursing home or live in their own home.  

This service is designed to help persons live within the community. Services include: counseling and advocacy within the community, social support building, and crisis intervention. Services are provided anywhere they are needed.  

Qualified staff provide evaluation to help a consumer determine what, if any, medication is necessary. Prescriptions are written by a staff psychiatrist and Intergated Health care services staff are available to help monitor medication.