Substance Use Disorder

letterhead heading - Copy       Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

Substance abuse and addiction are part of "behavioral health" and are just as important as physical health problems. If you have a Provider One card and Medicaid coverage, your treatment is paid by Medicaid if you go to a contracted provider offering Medicaid Services. 

IHCS shall ensure treatment admissions are prioritized to individuals in the following order:

  1. Pregnant injecting drug users;
  2. Pregnant substance abusers;
  3. Injecting drug users
  4. Parenting women; and
  5. Post-partum women (up to one (1) year, regardless of pregnancy outcome).
  6. Additional priority populations, in no particular order include:
    1. Individuals transitioning from residential care to outpatient care;
    2. Youth; and
    3. Offenders (as defined in RCW 70.96A.350).

Subject to availability of funds, treatment services to eligible individuals must not be denied regardless of their:

  1. Drug(s) of choice;
  2. Use of legally prescribed medications; and
  3. Use of over the counter nicotine cessation or participation in nicotine replacement therapy regimen
  4. IHCS must, subject to allocated funds and service availability, serve all eligible Washington State residents who may be transient and require services.