Prosecuting Attorney

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Adams County Prosecuting Attorney

Coroner-Felony Crime-Ritzville District Court-Civil

210 West Broadway Ave., Suite 100
Ritzville, WA 99169
Telephone Number: 509-659-3219
Fax Number: 509-659-3224

Juvenile Crime-Support Enforcement-
Othello District Court-Truancy 

425 East Main Ave., Suite 500
Othello, WA 99344
Telephone Number: 509-488-2064
Fax Number: 509-488-6588

Randy Flyckt, Prosecutor

The county prosecuting attorney has major responsibilities as a legal advisor, a prosecutor of criminal matters, a representative of the county in civil cases, and as ex-officio coroner.

State statutes fix the following duties for the prosecuting attorney:

  • Shall be legal adviser to the board of county commissioners, school directors and other county and precinct officers in all matters relating to their official business, although school districts may hire private attorneys.
  • Shall appear for and represent the state, county and all school districts in all criminal and civil proceedings in which the state or county or any school district in the county may be a party.
  • Shall prosecute all criminal and civil actions in which the state or county may be a party and defend all suits brought against the county.
  • Review and approve all cost bills in criminal cases and take care that no witness fees and other charges are greater than allowed by law.
  • Attend and appear before and give advice to the grand jury when cases are presented for consideration, make an annual report to the Governor at the end of each year and submit to the State Liquor Control Board a written report of all prosecutions brought under state liquor laws in the county during the year.
  • Shall provide legal guidance on a 24-hour basis to law enforcement agencies investigating felonies, which may require advice or assistance in obtaining search warrants or warrants for the arrest of a suspect.

Source: Washington Association of County Officials