Restitution is the amount of money that the offender pays to reimburse victims for property damage, medical bills, or other financial losses that were a direct result of a crime.The prosecutors office works with victims to compile information to submit to the court for consideration if the Defendant has been found guilty of committing a crime.

If you are a victim of crime in a case Adams County Prosecutor's office is prosecuting you can complete and submit a request for restitution to our office.Please fill out the form to the best of your ability and submit it to this office. Please include copies of medical bills, estimates for repair of property, and/or receipts for original cost or replacement cost if available.

If you are a victim of crime in a case Adams County Prosecutor's office and there was no financial loss that occurred or you are not requesting restitution please see and complete section "E”.

If an insurance company was involved, please advise our office by indicating such on the form. The information you provide on the form will be submitted to the Court for consideration.

We will contact you should any additional information for your request be required.

Once restitution is ordered on your behalf the office of the Adams County Superior Court Clerk supervises the monetary payments, and collects restitution amounts that are due and owing. The Clerk will pay out these funds in accord with their policy and procedure. You may direct any questions regarding payments and disbursements to their office. Should your address change, please notify the Clerk as soon as possible at (509) 659-3257.