Chips being spread on freshly shot oil.The Road Maintenance Division makes up the ground crews that perform maintenance and preservation activities for the county. 

One such preservation activity, the County Arterial Preservation Program (CAPP), is a resource dedicated to the preservation of paved county arterials throughout Washington State. CAPP is funded with 0.45 cent of the fuel tax which generates approximately $30 million per biennium (statewide). These funds are then allocated directly to the counties to help them avoid costly roadway failures had the surface repairs been delayed.  2024 CAPP Map pdf(2.1MB)
Day-to-day road maintenance spans a variety of seasonal activities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Road Grading and Stabilization
  • Gravel Placement
  • Pothole Patching
  • Roadside Development
  • Erosion Prevention and Repair
  • Bridge Maintenance
  • Guardrail Maintenance
  • Vegetation Management
  • Snow and Ice Removal

Adams County's Road Maintenance Division is split into three response areas: