Superior Court

K. Peter Palubicki, Judge

If you have pleadings that you wish to file please mail them directly to the Adams County Clerk's office at P.O. Box 187. 

Miguel Garcia, Court Administrator
P. O. Box 126
Ritzville, Washington 99169-0126
Phone: 509-659-3271
Fax: 509-659-0118

Filing Information:
For questions regarding the filing of documents or regarding pleadings that have been filed in your case please contact the Adams County Clerk's Office at 509-659-3257.

Requesting an interpreter:

Si usted tiene necesidad de un interprete, favor de avisar al administrador de la corte superior, Miguel Garcia a (509-659-3257), por lo menos 24 horas antes de su audiencia.
Any attorney seeking to appear virtually or by phone may contact Court Administrator Miguel Garcia.  

Adams County Superior Court is one of 39 Superior Courts in Washington. The Superior Court is a trial court of general jurisdiction that hears the following types of cases:

  • Felony criminal charges
  • Civil disputes
  • Dissolution of marriage and other domestic relations matters
  • Controversies pertaining to real property
  • Probate and guardianships
  • Juvenile matters
  • Adoptions
  • Appeals from District Courts and certain state and local administrative agencies  

Mission Statement:
Adams County Superior Court will actively manage the business of the court so as to provide the fair, prompt and understandable resolution of legal disputes. The court will provide access to justice for all individuals and will treat participants professionally, impartially and with respect.  

Announcement: Superior Court to hold sessions in Othello beginning in March 7, 2024

2024 Proposed Adams County Local Court Rules- comment period ends April 8,2024. Please direct all comments in writing to