Property Taxes

Property Taxes


2023 Second Half Property Taxes Due 10/31/2023

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Upon receipt of the tax rolls from the county assessor, the treasurer forwards to all property owners statements of real and personal property taxes due. These taxes are payable on or after February 15 of each year with the full tax due by April 30. If the amount payable is over $50.00, one-half may be paid on or before April 30, with the second half due on or before October 31.

Washington State law requires interest to be charged on delinquent taxes at the rate of 12% per annum, plus penalties of up to 11%. Tough collection provisions in the law direct the treasurer to seize and sell personal property when those taxes become delinquent. The statutes governing real property require the treasurer to commence foreclosure action when those taxes are delinquent for three years. To process this foreclosure action the treasurer prepares the necessary legal documents, publishes a legal notice and notifies the property owner of the pending foreclosure. If the taxes remain unpaid, a public auction is conducted and the property is sold to satisfy the outstanding tax lien.

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