Tax Title Property

Tax Title Property

Properties that did not sell at the Adams County foreclosure auction are held in trust by the county Treasurer. These are called Tax Title Properties.

Property is sold “where is” and “as is” without any representation of warranty, expressed or implied. 

Parcel or parcels will be conveyed free and clear of any Adams County delinquent taxes assessed prior to foreclosure -- however current year taxes will be supplemented from date of sale. 

The sale of Tax Title Property may be subject to local assessments, if any, known or unknown, and to any liens of other taxing districts and competing federal liens, if any, known or unknown.  It is the Applicant’s responsibility to search such facts on each and every parcel of interest.

List of Tax Title Property

Steps to Purchase Tax Title Property:

1)  Applicant completes “Application to Purchase County Property” for each parcel of interest.  A $150.00 (per parcel) application fee is paid by the party interested in bringing a parcel (or parcels) to bid.  (The fee applies to the bid if the Applicant is the successful bidder or the fee is refunded if applicant is not the successful bidder.  The fee is forfeited to the county as liquidated damages if there is no bid for the property.) 

2)  Commissioners will set the minimum selling price and sign the Order of Sale.  

3) The applicant will be contacted by the Treasurer's office and advised the minimum bid. 

4)  Treasurer will prepare the “Notice of Sale of County Property”. The Notice will be published for three consecutive weeks in the official county newspaper.  The sale will be held the following week after the date of last publication.   

In addition to the bid price of property, additional costs that will be borne by the successful bidder include the cost of conducting the sale and the cost of all recording fees.