State v. Blake


On February 25, 2021, the Washington State Supreme Court vacated the felony possession of controlled substance statute in State v. Blake, affecting possession of controlled substance cases dating back to 1971.

If you believe you are entitled to relief under this court decision, please contact Adams County Public Defender Kyle Smith at 907 W. Sharp Avenue, Suite 1, Spokane, Washington 99201; by telephone at 509-325-2500; or by email at

There has been no guidance or determination as to how the State of Washington intends to process refunds for any applicable court costs, fines, and fees. If a drug charge was included with other criminal charges on the same cause number this will likely affect eligibility for a refund. You may either be eligible for a lesser amount or no refund at all depending on the assessed charges. The focus at present time will be to assist with vacating the eligible offenses from conviction history.

Please be aware that on older offenses, such charges may not appear in computer databases or other sources of publicly available information due to the age of the
charge(s). When new documents are filed with the court, these documents will become either a public record or a court record.