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A reminder from the Adams County Fire Marshal’s Office.
Adams County’s annual burn ban is set to go into effect on June 1, 2024, and will be in effect until September 30, 2024.
The County wide burn restrictions were adopted by the Board of County Commissioners as part of the Adams County Fire Prevention Code in September of 2021 and are effective through September 30th each year within the unincorporated areas of Adams County.
Agricultural and orchard burning are still allowed when permitted by the state Department of Ecology, and recreational campfires are allowed in approved devices at public campgrounds when permitted by the campground authority. Any recreation campfires at residences in private fire pits are allowed as long as there is a minimum of 25 feet of non-combustible space around the fire pit. Large cooking fires for public and private events must be permitted through the Adams County Fire Marshal’s Office. in advance. Gas and charcoal barbecues are still allowed.
“When the county burn ban is lifted on September 30th any and all outdoor burning restrictions that are normally in place and imposed by the Washington State Department of Ecology will still be in effect.

The Adams County Fire Marshal’s Office would also remind all residents that the use of burn barrels are always prohibited in the State of Washington Per WAC 173-425-050.

Andie Lorenz
Adam County Fire Marshal