Adams County Planning Commission Trial online Meeting set for Oct 22, 2020 at 10::00 a.m.

AT 10:00 A.M.

Adams County Planning Commission is seeking to host its next regularly secluded held on (4) Thursday of each month on line, utilizing a Trial Version of HPE My Room.

The public is invited to help us test the trial program by downloading HPE My Room at, where links are provided for P.C's, apple and android devices, as well as mac systems.  A  computer will provide the best visual experience.

If joining via HPE My Room, you do not need to open a meeting room,  upon opening the program you should be presented with an option to join a meeting.   At this point you will need to input a user name (initials are ok, as you do not have to fully identity who your are) if you wish to speak on the record you must then state your name and address, etc. for the record. The room key is then needed to enter the room.    
 Use the following Key to Participate  MRPZCPPV9HKEW.

Once your in the room you may not be able to see or hear anything until others have joined the meeting.  Public attendee's  will not be allowed to speak until such time that the meeting is open for public comments.   At this point we will give each person or the group the ability to raise their hand and then activate their mic's one person at a time in the order their hands are raised. 
We will take a few minutes to demonstrate that option to the public at that point in the meeting.  If your using an I-pad or smart phone the options may be difficult to find however a button should open a pull down menu for you if I can not activate your mic for you.

Please note: This is a Trial Version and we are currently  limited to 25 people in the room on the trial version.  The Planning commission and myself will take providence over public attendees, which may cause folks to be kicked out of the room.   If this happens to anyone we apologize now, and we plan on buying space for 100 people if the program works.   In the mean time if you fail to be one of the first 25 folks  in the room or you get kicked out to allow a presenter in the room, you can join the meeting via the free conference call line by calling (602) 580 9399 and using access code 4152820.   This phone option will not have video but you should be able to hear and again provide comments when we activate your phone into the room.  We will activate phones as a group or individually when the meeting is open for public comment.  

We invite the public to join the meeting and to share your experience with us, we would like to hear how the system worked or may not have worked for each of you.

Thank you all
Loren Wiltse Adams County Planning and Building Director.