November 12, 2020 Planning Commission Meeting 10:00 A..M.

The Adams County Planning Commission has set November 12 and December 10 of 2020 as their regular hearing dates due to the Holidays.
The November Meeting will include:
  1.  Adams County Planning has received an application seeking a zoning text amendment, of ACC 17.60.080, and is asking the Planning Commission to Set a public hearing date to consider the proposal.  NO PUBLIC TESTIMONY WILL BE RECIEVED FOR THIS ITEM.  When a hearing date is set, the proposed text amendment will be processed and published as required for public for comments. 
  2. The Planning Commission will continue to review and discuss options to amend the enforcement provision of the Adams County Zoning Code, in response to public testimony presented to the Commission from several citizens.  
  3. It is my intent to have the planning Commission adjourn to a public work shop for this item, thus allowing us to open the meeting to the public to participate in discussions and share ideas.  It will also allow us to work with folks who may join via the free conference call to obtain their feed back and experiences, prior to processing formal action items.

The first 19 public participants may attend this meeting using HPE MyRoom, due to our current trial limit.  Folks seeking to join via HPE MyRoom on their P.C or smart phone or tablet devices will need to installing the HPE MyRoom App. from the following site.  after installing you will need to open the app and use the link to join a meeting, at which you will be ask to provide an identifier (you do not need to use your name, however use something you will remember if we call on you) then use the room key MRPZCPPV9HKEW and wait to be permitted into the room.  

Folks who do not have a device to join via HPE MyRoom may join the meeting from any phone line by calling the toll free Conference Call number (602)580-9399 and then when asked using the access code 4152820.   or
You might be interested in trying to use the Free Conference call app on your P.C. or smart devises on line.  We have not tested this option however the company has noted that if you go to and then click on the join option in the top right of the screen you will be instructed to inter the meeting ID ( lorenw) this will open access to download the app, save, or Run and launch the system.   Please note, that many of the option will not work without the app, and we will not be using all of the option for our purpose it to allow you to see what is being reviewed and to allow us to hear from you when its apocopate to do so. 

Thank you all
if you have question please call us at 509 488 9441.